Zensational Organics bring the best of all natural and organic ingredients, infused with Colloidal Silver and balanced with the spirit of Zen. Our calming and soothing products have been developed over years of study of natural healing, organic elements, and a holistic approach to the Natural Mind, Body and Soul.

All Zensational products 100% pure, no chemicals! That means your skin (just 1/10th of an inch thick!) is safe from all the harmful additives of traditional products. After all, in our lifetime, you only get one skin. We can't imagine using harsh chemicals on our bodies. Just pure goodness.

Testimonials for Zensational Organics

Love the whippity bobbidy boo! I use a small amount on my face after showering, under my makeup and it moisturizers my face all day! It seems to alleviate wrinkles and makes my skin glow. Awesome product!"

Wow. I really don't know where to begin. I have tried so many of your products and really love them all. I have so many skin issues. The soaps are much better for my acne. My skin is just smoother and no longer dry. In fact, I bought some soap for my aunt and it's all she will use now. She said she always felt she had an odor but no longer does since using your soaps. Plus I love the Whippity Bobbidy Boo. I use it around my eyes and my neck and chest area and arms and everywhere. I swear the wrinkles I had are all gone now. Not to mention the the bath teas Ah-Mazing. I have Restless Leg Syndrome which keeps me up at night. A relaxing bath with the teas and I sleep soundly the rest of the night! I think sometimes different products claim to be all natural but somehow that isn't quite true because they're made in some manufacturing plant. I believe these are all natural because they are made by hand. Thank you so much for all your research and effort that you put into make such great products!"

I was at your booth last weekend at the Medina Farmer's Market and said I would add a testimonial for the insect repellent. With pleasure - I love it! I purchased the insect repellent on a whim after reading the list of natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients with which it's made. My daughter and I have used it on several occasions and are absolutely elated with the results. As my daughter said when I asked how it works for her: "It works GREAT!" After purchasing, we found ourselves at an impromptu bonfire one evening without our bottle of Zensational Insect Repellent and had to borrow some repellent while there - a well-known brand synonymous with insect repellent. We returned home bitten like crazy afterwards, wishing we had our all natural version to use and share with others at the bonfire.Your products smells great and works even better! I'm so happy I finally found a product that works for me even though mosquitoes seem to find me irresistible, and the fact that your spray is not full of skin damaging, toxic chemicals makes it all the better!
This was one impulse buy I don't regret at all, and will most assuredly be a return customer."