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Lovely Lavender Lovely Lavender

A natural, handmade soap with lavender essential oil.  We don't know of many who don't LOVE lavender, do you?  Ahhhh, so refreshing.

Price: $10.00
OOO La Lemongrass OOO La Lemongrass

Reminds me of sum sum summertime. Natural handmade soap with a lemongrass scent.  Meet our "Oo La Lemongrass" soap. It's refreshing scent is reminiscent of summertime and perfect for starting your morning routine.  Put a little love in your heart!

Price: $10.00
Tea Tree Eucalyptus Tea Tree Eucalyptus

Natural, handmade soap with essential oils of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. This refreshing and invigorating soap actually smells a little woodsy. Can't beat Tea Tree.

Price: $10.00
Milly Vanilly Milly Vanilly

Natural handmade soap with a vanilla scent. Our Milly Vanilly soap bar has a deep maroonish color from sandalwood and balsam tulu. It's sweet, light, and luxurious. Yum Yum!

Price: $10.00
Gone Surfin Gone Surfin

An awesome, exfoliating, natural sea salt handmade bar of soap. It's got organic kelp and essential oils of lime and lavender.  Can you say, "Refreshing?"  Makes you feel like you are at the beach - take me awwaaaayyyyyyyy!

Price: $10.00
Bow Wow Wowza Bow Wow Wowza

Organic oils and essential oils make up this natural handmade doggie soap. Lots of soap suds and rinses squeaky clean very quickly. No more long rinses, which your loyal friend will love.

Price: $10.00
BLEAT (Goats Milk) Soap BLEAT (Goats Milk) Soap

Bleat! Smooth as satin.  Another fabulous natural handmade soap that your skin is going to love. No extra scent added.  Sometimes you just have to leave it alone.

Price: $10.00
Peace, Love and Patchouli Peace, Love and Patchouli

Purple Brazilian clay swirls give this doozy a pop of color. A nice scent of patchouli and lavender essential oils grace this natural handmade soap.

Price: $10.00
Bee Buzzin Honey Bee Buzzin Honey

A honey and cocoa butter natural handmade soap. Our Bee Buzzin' Honey soap is made with local Blueberry Raw Honey. It's a mighty fine mix with no extra scents. No need, it smells just right. Bzzzzzzz!

Price: $10.00
Au Naturale Au Naturale

Just like it says....   bare naked, handmade, natural soap.  Sometimes the color is more yellow if we have used the rich organic oil instead of the sunflower oil. Both oils are terrific. No color or scents in this doozy.  Just plain goodness!

Price: $10.00
Baby Bubbles Foaming Soap Baby Bubbles Foaming Soap

Babies, toddlers and kids can be a little messy. If there is dirt to be found, doesn't it seem to always end up on those little hands and faces? "Baby Bubbles" is great for a quick clean up. You will just love having this handy foam pump at your fingertips.

Price: $10.00
Easy Does It Foaming Soap Easy Does It Foaming Soap

Free your face from impurities with this gentle face wash and release your gorgeous self to another level. "Easy Does It" will leave your face clean and fresh. The added silver ion may help with some of those skin issues.

Price: $10.00
Sunshine Lemon Lime Foaming Soap Sunshine Lemon Lime Foaming Soap

Add a little sunshine to your household! Keep "Sunshine Lemon Lime" hand soap nearby for a burst of citrus aroma and squeaky clean hands. We love it at the kitchen sink.

Price: $10.00
Royal Peppermint Foaming Soap Royal Peppermint Foaming Soap

Royally clean hands begin with our Royal Peppermint foaming hand soap. Keep it in your kitchen and bathrooms for a fresh invigorating crisp clean. Peppermint has calming qualities, too. Our hands are not as dry now using our soaps. We know you will LOVE them!

Price: $10.00
Caribbean Caress Face Wash Caribbean Caress Face Wash

With scents of lavender and frankincense this oil cleansing face wash will leave you feeling as refreshed as you feel clean. Just apply and remove with warm washcloth. Voila!

Price: $20.00
Face Jam - Oil Cleansing Method for Teenage Skin Face Jam - Oil Cleansing Method for Teenage Skin

Super effective method of cleansing your awe inspiring mug. Give it a week or two to get rid of the underlying crud. No need to moisturize after use since you’ll still have a thin layer of oil left behind, just the way it’s supposed to be!

Price: $24.99
Baby Bump Oil Baby Bump Oil

This powerful, all organic gentle oil will help prevent scarring and stretchmarks, as well as soothe red and dry stressed skin. Nourishing oil that is not just for a growing bump, but anyone in need of relief from itchy or stressed skin. Fast absorbing and lightly scented with soothing lavender essential oil.

Price: $29.99